Best Rooftop Tent Accessories

Owning a rooftop tent can open up a whole new world of fun. Unique campsites, stunning views, and a comfortable place to sleep. 

Once you’ve spent a few nights in your new rooftop tent, you may start to wonder — how can I boost my camping experience? That’s where rooftop tent accessories come in!

From awnings to add-ons, we’ve put together a list of the best rooftop tent accessories for your setup. Below you will find a list of extras that make using your rooftop tent more enjoyable.


Having protection from rain or heat can make or break a camping trip. Awnings provide the perfect break from the elements while not taking up a ton of space at the campsite — or on your vehicle.

An awning makes a great addition to any roof top tent set up due to its versatility. Awnings come in many different sizes and styles, making them able to fit into almost any set up. We have vehicle awning that comes in many different sizes, our 56” awning fits perfectly on the back of most vehicles.

Our 270 awning is a crowd pleaser. Unzip the waterproof bag and unfold an awning that wraps a full 270 degrees around your vehicle — no support poles needed. The ease of set-up and unique look when opened makes this awning a bestseller.


Annexes can turn a roof top tent into a home. Attaching directly to the opening of your roof top tent or below it, an annex allows extra covered space to be used as protection from the elements or a privacy room.

Most annexes have a floor so you no longer have to worry about tracking dirt into your tent. Plus — the annex can be used as extra sleep space for larger groups or for dogs who can’t quite make it up into the rooftop tent.

Smaller annexes can be great for additional storage space, cooking space, or a changing room. Long gone are the days of rolling around trying to change in your vehicle.

We have a new addition to our annex line, the 270 Annex Room. The 270 Annex attaches directly to our 270 Awning, creating an enclosed space. Removable floors allow for versatility of use and large windows allow for ample light.

Crossbar Kit

Getting a roof top tent means losing all that extra storage space the roof of your vehicle can  provide. That’s why if you have a hard shell rooftop tent, crossbars are a must. Crossbars allow for storage on top of your tent so you can store gear or even a storage box.

Our crossbars can hold up to 250lbs, meaning you can take all your gear with you. MAXTRAX, RotopaX, climbing pads, bikes — you name it, you can take it!

Designed and manufactured in Bend, Oregon, and made of high quality aluminum components, the rack features mounting feet that seamlessly integrate into the T-slot tracks found on every Odyssey/Evolution Series tent

Another great addition to our hardshell tent is the Odyssey/Evolution Accessory Brackets. The accessory brackets attach directly to the side channels of our hardshell tents and each bracket has a weight capacity of up to 20lbs, so attaching your awning directly to your tent is easy.

Camping Lighting

Lighting is a great addition to any camping set up. Luckily our premium roof top tent comes equipped with an integrated LED light strip that can be powered by a simple USB battery pack.

For a more customizable approach to lighting, consider our colorful light pods. Turn your roof top tent into a disco with a blue, green, red, or yellow ReadyLight Light Pod. You can really make it a party by throwing the ReadyLight Speaker Pod.

For some traditional lighting, check out our ReadyLight Camp Lantern. The all-in-1 dimmable lantern comes with a light pod, bluetooth speaker, amber light pod feature and it can charge devices.

Locking System

Occasionally, roof top tents do get stolen off of vehicles. Rooftop Tents  weigh 100-200lbs so it’s not an easy task, but it has happened.

To protect your tent from theft, one thing to consider is our M8 Security Nut. The grooved security nuts come with a special tool so you can safely install and uninstall your tent — but a standard wrench can’t.

It is also possible to find mounting bracket locks, but that is specific to your roof rack set up. If you are looking for something like that, you may have to ask your roof rack manufacturer.  

Extra Insulation

Nothing is worse than waking up cold in a tent. Sometimes it feels like no matter how many layers you wear you’re still cold. Other roof top tent companies suggest buying additional insulated tent walls to help with that, but that’s not needed with our rooftop tents.

All of our premium rooftop tents come with our signature tri-layer fabric. The tri-layer acts as insulation through three layers of fabric sonic-welded together – similar to a down jacket.

The added insulation keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If you happen to zip up all the windows in the winter, we have vents throughout our tents to help combat condensation.

Some companies may suggest purchasing an anti-condensation mat as an accessory for your roof top tent, but our tents come with one. Our tents use a foam flooring called EPE (expanded poly-ethylene) which helps to eliminate condensation that normally forms between your mattresses and tent frame.  

Rooftop Tent Sleeping Gear

Setting up your tent for a cozy night's sleep can make your rooftop tent feel like a resort. Adding some sheets or a mattress pad can make you feel like you're sleeping on a pillow top bed.

Our double sleeping bag is flannel lined adding a level of coziness you didn’t know you needed. Bring your pillows from home or purchase a compact travel pillow. Some campers use a down comforter for added comfort.

Accessorize to Maximize Your Roof Top Tent

Adding simple upgrades to your rooftop tent with accessories can elevate your whole camping experience. Through additions like awnings or enhanced lighting you also get the opportunity to customize your tent to your specifications.

Make your rooftop tent feel like home and also feel like you. Check out our line up of rooftop tent accessories designed with campers like you in mind.

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