Why The Adventure Series Tent is Perfect for Adventures!

The Adventure Series Rooftop Tent was part of our original designs that has stayed as part of our tent product line today!  With the addition of the gas strut assist, it now sets up in seconds. So if you're pulling up to a spot in the dark, setting up the tent is now the least of your worries-it's fast, easy, and convenient.  Below are even more reasons why our customers love the Adventure Series tents and it makes getting out there even easier. 


1. Soft Storage

Probably one of the best features, not discussed enough, is the ability to store more gear on top of the tent.  While basic bedding can be kept inside the tent before closing, it is the space on top of the tent, while it’s in the closed position, that allows for so much more storage capacity.  Freespirit recommends keeping enough extra gear in the tent to help round out the cover in order to shed rainwater should the user experience rain while the tent is mounted to the vehicle.  (To clarify, we recommend keeping bedding laid out INSIDE the tent like blankets and sleeping bags, and when the tent is in the closed position, things like duffel bags, camp chairs, stored sleeping bags, etc. can be staged on the face of the tent BEFORE putting the PVC cover on).

2. Lightweight 

With an extruded aluminum design, the Adventure Series Roof Top Tent is one of the lightest and strongest tents in the industry. At around 120lbs. it makes for a more manageable installation process as well as mobility in storage during the months it is not being used.


3. Low Profile

Coming in at only 9 inches when folded, this tent is one the thinnest foldable roof top tents.  Most customers with a traditional roof top tent cannot park in their garage, but the profile on the Adventure Series allows most customers to be able to fit through the garage door.


4. Comfort

The Adventure Series line of tents have some of the most comfortable mattresses in the industry.  In a side by side comparison performed by one of the largest online Overlanding Magazines, The Expedition Portal, FSR’s Adventure Series tent was selected as having the most comfortable mattress of all.


5. Panoramic View 

One of the best features of the tent, and one of the main reasons people love roof top tent camping is the view.  The panoramic view you get while comfortably sitting upright inside this tent speaks for itself.  A lot of other platform style tents in the industry do not allow you to completely sit up, or open in a clam shell format which diminishes headroom on one end.  The Adventure Series tent actually increases in height from back to front which allows for a comfortable viewing experience.


6. Our Signature Premium Tri-Layer

The Tri-layer fabric system introduced by Freespirit a few years ago has only gotten better.  These tents have been tested in a rain simulator without a rain fly on them.  Extreme weather ready, yet forgiving in the extreme heat, having the Tri-layer fabric truly completes the perfect marriage between design and functionality.

If you questions for our team about the Adventure Series,
please email us at sales@gofsr.com.

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