Tips & Tricks for Your ReadyLight

The ReadyLight is one of the best outdoor lights on the market, we don't just think so....our customers tell us all the time! Whether you are out camping, working on your vehicle in your driveway, using it in an emergency situation, having friends over outside, or playing games in the backyard, this versatile light will help to illuminate any task, emergency, or adventure. We like to think of it as the most dynamic backyard to back country light ever designed!

The extremely bright 550 lumens center light and 4 removable Light Pods replace the need for flashlights, lanterns, work lights, strobe lights—you name it. The main light is 350 Lumens, each pod is 50 Lumens for a total of 550 lumens. Offering up to 30-hours of light, the powerful lithium batteries can be charged 3 different ways—solar, AC & DC. Plus, it’s a USB charging station for your mobile devices.

We sometimes get some questions about the ReadyLight, so this blog post is dedicated to all the ins and outs of the Readylight plus providing some insider tips and tricks.

The first thing to do when you open up your ReadyLight is to charge it. You want to always be sure that the Master ON/OFF switch is in the ON position. That is the only way to make sure the ReadyLight can receive the charge. So whether you are charging AC, DC or solar, the master switch must be ON.There is a STATUS LIGHT next to the charge port, it should be a solid RED during charging and a solid GREEN when fully charged.

If using solar to charge, do your best to keep the panels in constant light and try to chase the light when you can. Depending on weather conditions, solar charging can take anywhere from 16-24 hours. It is recommended to keep the solar panel clean of dust and debris, you can use a soft cloth to prevent scratching but if there's snow, ice, dirt, dust, pine needles, etc. it will affect the solar charge time.

For the main light function there are three different settings. Press and hold the button for at least 3 seconds and the light will turn on at its brightest setting. Press again for a dimmer setting and press again for the emergency light setting (blinking red lights).

The portable pods attach magnetically and are charged through the ReadyLight unit. They can also be charged individually through a micro usb. The pods have different settings (Bright, Dim, Flashlight, Strobe) and a top flashlight.

Store the ReadyLight with the master switch in the OFF position but be sure to take the light out every couple of months to charge it just to keep the batteries performing their best.

For additionally information on our ReadyLight, check out our Tips & Tricks: ReadyLight video below or take a look at the user guide.

The Readylight is also interchangeable with several optional add on accessories including the Readylight Colored Podlights. A Dad wrote in to us and told us about how his son loved playing police officer with the red and blue podlights while out camping one weekend. Not only do they help with the below tasks but they also can entertain, win!
Amber: It can help eyesight to adjust in the dark and helps to keep bugs away. It can also be used as a sign of caution to others. 
Red: Preserves your night vision and can be used in an emergency situation to caution or stop others from proceeding. 
Green: It helps to reduce glare.
Blue: Helpful for map reading at night and is used by hunters to track blood of wounded animals.
Each Color has a 5-in-1 Operation:
  • Bright White LED
  • Dim White LED
  • Bright Color LED
  • White LED Flashlight
  • White LED Strobe Light

Use the Readylight Speaker Pod to add music and sound to any fun weekend with or without your Readylight!

  • Easy to use - Simply turn the speaker on, select BT06 on your mobile device and start listening.
  • Control the volume from your phone - Your mobile device adjusts the speaker volume & auto mutes when calls come in.
  • Hours of enjoyment - Provides 3 hours of listening on a full charge.  USB cable included for charging.
  • Does not require ReadyLight to use this pod.
  • Illuminate your next adventure with the Readylight!