ReadyLight - Generation 2


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The next generation of the Freespirit Recreation ReadyLight is here! The Gen2 features a telescoping base so you can make it higher or lower, wider or slimmer to fit any space. The main light comes with 4 detachable white and amber colored Lightpods. Gen2 also comes with a compact, hard shell carrying case with foam inserts to keep the ReadyLight safe and secure when stored.

The Gen2 is the same high quality light as customers have come to expect from ReadyLight but with the new enhancements and improvements listed above. The ReadyLight has an extremely bright 550 lumens center light and 4 removable Light Pods which replace the need for flashlights, lanterns, work lights, strobe lights—you name it. Offering up to 30-hours of light, the powerful lithium batteries can be charged 3 different ways—solar, AC & DC. Plus, it’s a USB charging station for your mobile devices. We like to think of it as the most versatile backyard to back country light ever designed.

Available in Black Ops and Desert Sand.

ReadyLight. Illuminate Your Adventure.

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ReadyLight - Generation 2 - Freespirit Recreation
ReadyLight - Generation 2 - Freespirit Recreation
ReadyLight - Generation 2 - Freespirit Recreation
ReadyLight - Generation 2 - Freespirit Recreation
ReadyLight - Generation 2 - Freespirit Recreation
ReadyLight - Generation 2 - Freespirit Recreation
ReadyLight - Generation 2 - Freespirit Recreation
ReadyLight - Generation 2 - Freespirit Recreation

Soak up the sun in the daytime, so you can keep the party going well after sunset. Charge your pod lights, speaker pods and even portable electronics via USB typa-A.

Hardshell case

The second generation readylight includes a hard case for added protection and rugged aesthetics. Each modular piece sits snug in it's foam home within the case.

ReadyLight Gen 2 in the case
See the smiles

Memories are made more vividly with sights to accompany the sounds.

Fix it faster

When flood lighting is this accessible, repairing, packing, or even meal prepping can be done without the sun. How much daytime will gain?

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Ken Kohnken
Solid product

Opened case and was happy with the storage arrangement. The assembly of the stand was simple and sturdy. Tested the unit in the house and was impressed with the illumination. Immediately saw its potential to be more than a camp accessary, will use it as a shop light and for those honey do paint jobs.

Like the anchor point to secure the stand from wind. After reading the review about the mod to add a security device to the light sounds like a smart addition. Any suggestions on where to make the hole so that the integrity of the case is maintained?

Brian Ostrom
One Badass light

Actually it’s 5 lights in one. Super bright and very functional. I did modify mine by drilling a hole in the plastic molding and clamped thin cable with eyelets to lock to RV while in camp. Keep the honest honest.

Milton Hughes
Awesome light

The light is very easy to set up and the material is strong. I was getting tons of positive comments on how bright it was and made camp easy to set up at night. If your budget allows buy 2!

Gerald Patrizi
Nice light

the light looks to be very well made and has a lot of useful features but i have not used it out in the field yet.

Excellent Purchase

First of all I want to thank Freespirit Recreation as it relates to the order alone. I placed the order and had recently moved. Through no fault of their own the package was misdirected and lost. They moved swiftly and without any questions securing my order and correcting everything even though it was outside of their control.

As for the product, I couldn't be happier. I immediately charged it up and tried it out. It works great. The tripod is beefy and very secure. The case is not overly bulky but protects the contents well. The light is awesome. Unfortunately I faced a vehicle breakdown, at home, and needed some extra light. It worked exceptionally providing great illumination. Setup and disassembly are easy. I don't know how long it lasts, but long enough to replace a water pump on a Jeep and drill out and tap a broken bolt! I am confident this will serve me well in the mountains and on the trail!