ReadyLight - Generation 2


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The next generation of the Freespirit Recreation ReadyLight is here! The Gen2 features a telescoping base so you can make it higher or lower, wider or slimmer to fit any space. The main light comes with 4 detachable white and amber colored Lightpods. Gen2 also comes with a compact, hard shell carrying case with foam inserts to keep the ReadyLight safe and secure when stored.

The Gen2 is the same high quality light as customers have come to expect from ReadyLight but with the new enhancements and improvements listed above. The ReadyLight has an extremely bright 550 lumens center light and 4 removable Light Pods which replace the need for flashlights, lanterns, work lights, strobe lights—you name it. Offering up to 30-hours of light, the powerful lithium batteries can be charged 3 different ways—solar, AC & DC. Plus, it’s a USB charging station for your mobile devices. We like to think of it as the most versatile backyard to back country light ever designed.

Available in Black Ops and Desert Sand.

ReadyLight. Illuminate Your Adventure.

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ReadyLight - Generation 2 - Freespirit Recreation
ReadyLight - Generation 2 - Freespirit Recreation
ReadyLight - Generation 2 - Freespirit Recreation
ReadyLight - Generation 2 - Freespirit Recreation
ReadyLight - Generation 2 - Freespirit Recreation
ReadyLight - Generation 2 - Freespirit Recreation
ReadyLight - Generation 2 - Freespirit Recreation
ReadyLight - Generation 2 - Freespirit Recreation

Customer Reviews

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Floyd Davey
Great product!

This light is exactly what I was looking for. It does it’s job great and is extremely flexible in its uses. I love the coverage the main light provides and having 4 light pods that can be used throughout camp is great. An added bonus is the fact small electronic devices could be charged if needed and we may in the future, purchase an addition Bluetooth speaker pod for it. The construction is robust without adding any unnecessary weight. I opted for the tan colored light that way it is a little more visible in low light settings when the illumination is turned off. Just one less thing for me to worry about someone walking into or bumping.

Of all the lights I tested, this one takes the cake in performance and durability.

My only gripe is cosmetic (I hope). Upon receiving the unit, it appears the solar panel was either not seated flush or it has started to lift a little. It’s not a big deal as long as it doesn’t affect performance and it doesn’t appear to be loose or moving at all. This is the only one I’ve heard of where this has happened so it’s possible I just received a fluke. This small issue is the only reason I did not rate it 5 stars.

Other than that, this light is perfect.

Matthew Gartner
Super bright

This light is amazing. I love how bright it is as well as the 4 portable light pods.

Klaus Wiemer
Amazing light

The light is great. Love the flood light function as well as lighting for smaller tasks. Many ways to charge. Make sure you change before you leave home. Great purchase

Gregory Weeder
Solid light

Easy to set up, easy to use, ample light. Love the light pods as well.

Brian Whitham

Hard case is a great improvement. The adjustability of the light makes it very easy to set direction and the height of the light. Sure beats a lantern in the middle of the table. A good charge at home and a little solar while you’re out sure beats carrying white gas or propane. The light is not cheap but appears to have the quality to give it a long working life and the amount of light it gives is exceptional.
The 4 detachable lights make great flashlights


Soak up the sun in the daytime, so you can keep the party going well after sunset. Charge your pod lights, speaker pods and even portable electronics via USB typa-A.

Hardshell case

The second generation readylight includes a hard case for added protection and rugged aesthetics. Each modular piece sits snug in it's foam home within the case.

ReadyLight Gen 2 in the case
See the smiles

Memories are made more vividly with sights to accompany the sounds.

Fix it faster

When flood lighting is this accessible, repairing, packing, or even meal prepping can be done without the sun. How much daytime will gain?

Happy Campers


It's a game changer.

Bright as sin, telescoping tripod is heavy duty and works beautifully on uneven ground, the pods are an absolute asset after a pint or 3 &losing your headlamp, it literally takes about 30-45 seconds to set up/ breakdown in and out of the case, &did I mention the solar panel on the back negates the worry of energy consumption during longer trips? Easily the best camp lighting solution I’ve purchased so far.


Rugged well built product, with an awesome transport case.

The ReadyLight Gen2 fills the lighting needs for the Camp and Emergency use. The 4 small portable lamps are a bonus feature that make this a win win product.
The light's first gig was lighting up low light areas of the Shop to modify the 96 Ford 150 4x4 for an overland project.


Great Light

This is a fantastic light, and the little ones are super helpful to hang around the camp when needed.I love this tent. It is great and easy to set up. My family of 4 will spend many nights in it by the end of this year. This tent provides a really good night sleep with a comfy mattress and you are off the ground.
As a background I have made a career in outdoor/ adventure education. I have lead many backpacking trips/ worked for NOLS and done mountaineering up and down north and south America. I have many nights under the stars in the last 42 years.