Reach new heights with our High Country Series Tents


Rain. Snow. Sun. Wind. When we say 4 seasons, we mean it. Our High Country Series tents can handle the most extreme of weather conditions, keeping you dry and comfortable everywhere. The oversized windows offer 360º views from the comfort of your vantage point. Offered in 2 different sizes our High Country Series can accommodate up to a 6 people while remaining low profile when closed on the vehicle. An all-weather high rise room with a view... Beat that comfort inn.

Windows Galore

Large Living & Storage Spaces

See it all

Freespirit rooftop tents are designed and engineered to give you incredible views from on high. 

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I've owned a  half a dozen roof top tents in the last 11years.   FRS's tents with Tri Layer walls are the absolute best for cold weather travel of ANY tent that I've had in the past and that includes those from Howling Mood,  EziAwn, CVT and AutoHome.   This is the REAL deal.  I'm sold on FSR products and will be using an FSR tent on the upcoming Arctic Jeep Expedition.  

Mike Fissel, Contributing Editor, JPFreek Adventure Magazine.

“Over the last three years I’ve logged over 30,000 miles exploring some of the most remote back country in the west.  In that time I’ve averaged 2-3 solo overland style camping trips a month, and spent well over 100 nights in a Freespirit Recreation rooftop tent.  I have used other rooftop tents in the past but since finding a home with the Freespirit family I’ve never looked back.  In the three years that I’ve been using Freespirit tents I’ve used three different models in every season, and every type of weather condition we get in the west.  None of them have ever let me down.   When you are adventuring solo in remote places, in every weather condition, good gear is important.  My gear from Freespirit Recreation has always been gear I can trust.”

Casey - Coyote Works

Stow your stuff

Two hanging shoe and storage pockets roll up and store with ease—keeping the dirt and filth-muck outside of the tent.

Let the sun shine in

Our clear skylight is built into the awning, letting all that natural light through.

Extreme weather

Our Tri-layer technology keeps you warm even when it's freezing outside. (Tri-layer is an optional upgrade for the High Country Series 55" & 80")

Additional Room

Add a High Country Annex to your setup and create a private protected living space. 

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High Country 55"

The High Country 55" sets up in under a minute and can accommodate up to 3 people (depending upon size).


Our largest rooftop tent, the High Country 80" accommodates up to 5 people (depending upon size).

Tri-Layer 55" or 80"

Built for extreme weather, the High Country 55" and 80" are both available in Tri-Layer models. 


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