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Solid set of bars for my 1UP USA Trays!

Nice powder coat and well made and designed. We will see how well the bikes and canoes ride up top vs the side of my bedrack!

One of the best on the Market

The tent is great (Odyssey)! I had some issues getting the ladder shipped but the overall experience was good.


Wife and I love the RTT. The only complaint I have is that I do not have enough time to use it every day. Comfortable, warm, easy to setup/breakdown. Only thing I wish it had was a hook directly in the center of the tent to hang stuff on. Wife also requested a way to possibly keep the front door open easier instead of those tie downs. Otherwise, we love it.

Odyssey 49

Took it out the weekend I got it and it did not disappoint. Kept us warm and the set up only took 2 minutes. Only downside to it is that I was not able to store sleeping bags or pillows inside while it is closed. Other than that I would recommend this product if you’re in the market for a RTT.

Wrong address

The package was delievered to the wrong address, customer service was prompt to fix the mistake on my part. Great team out there!

Gloria Bulley
awesome annex,

Once we figured how to set it up….(you really should include instructions)!!
As I said once we figured it out it is a quick and easy process and has lots of room. The annex is well made ( excellent quality).

Replacement parts

I had excellent customer service. The only problem I had was a little delay in communication. The product I originally ordered was out of stock but they more than looked after me. They upgraded my tent choice at not extra cost.

Where do I start with this 6 star review???

Wait...You can only give 5? Dang! First off, I haven't even used used it yet. Why? Cause I messed up and ordered my bedrack after, my RTT and they are on an 8 week lead time. So, anyway, Ive opened it and its setup in garage on my hoist. First impressions were the zippers. Yes, zippers. Well made with 3 inch sew tassels to pull. TL fabric is well stitched and the mattress for me is a 100 just like my Sleepnumber bed at home. The setup is easily 90 seconds and you are done. The ladder, the L.E.D lighting and construction of the shell are a 6 star!! Abraham in the customer service is a pleasure to talk to and very very knowledgeable. We talked about things that had nothing to do about Overlanding or camping for several minutes. I had done my research and had 3 other companies to choose from, but after reading several reviews and talking to FSR 3 other times before buying. This was the best fit for me and my style! I will update once I use it in October!!

HC Premium

Love it. plenty warm and easy to setup fast. plus it's super comfortable

Jaime Benavides Jr
A solid upgrade- but not perfect

I upgraded from an Adventure Series M55 and going to the Odyssey 55 is a solid upgrade…but it isn’t perfect.

Setup on the Odyssey is blazing fast and easy. Even though it didn’t take a long time on my old M55, peeling back that PVC cover was a pain to deal with. Popping open the Odyssey is a breeze with the gas strut assist and take down is just as easy. I was setup and done in seconds.

The thin nature of the Odyssey improved my average MPG on my Jeep Wrangler. Before with my M55 I averaged about 15-16 MPG. Now with the Oddysey being thinner and a hard shell it must slice through the air easier and now I hit a solid 19 MPG average on a 600 mile trip. I couldn’t be happier about that.

If you’re a side sleeper, the firm mattress will be uncomfortable. I woke up several times in the night with my hip aching due to how stiff the mattress is. I’m still trying to come up with a work around on this which leads me to the biggest CON of all.

Lastly, you can absolutely FORGET about storing any blankets, or sleeping bags, or pillows, or mattress pads in the tent while it is not deployed. Given the slim nature of the tent while it is closed up you cannot store anything in there whatsoever. Unlike my old M55, I could store a mattress pad and my sleeping bag in there to save room in the Jeep. Unfortunately this is no longer the case.

Even with the drawbacks, I’m happy with the Odyssey 55. However given what I spent on the Odyssey I was hoping that this would be my “end all tent” and the last one I’d ever have to buy. But sadly I don’t think this will be the case.

1st trip on the books!

4.5 stars. Super Easy to set up. Gas assist the ladder and zippers didn’t like the cold in the low 30s Might have to spring for the zip in cold weather liner.
Survived too rainstorms with no leaks! We would recommend to anyone looking for a RTT

Best purchase

I am in love with my new tent. I do mostly desert camping and can never steak a ground tent into the hard dirt. Fits perfectly on my tacoma and the set up takes about 2 minutes.

I use them in Places where I prefer not to attract bug's, like the entrance of the tent and it works, we bought two red one's

ReadyLight Gen2
Richard Neel

It’s awesome

Stephan Romoleroux
Odyssey 55 review

Dat shit fire, Yo! 😎

Evolution 55

So far I have used it once and it was great!!!
I hade Tapui and Frontrunner before and I’m so happy that I went with Evolution 55.
Fast deployment and closing! Very comfortable and spacious.

Simon Bold de Haughton
High county Annex

Great piece of kit , compact and light. Great for changing in and storing duffel bags and not cluttering the tent .

ReadyLight Gen2
Vic Valenzuela
Cool gadget

Awesome as advertised.

Timothy Leto II
Clear & Loud

Great little Speaker, Good Sound,

What an amazing tent!

This is the second hardshell tent I have owned, and find it to be a huge improvement over my last (tepui hybox). The ease of setup for most hardshell tents is usually quick and easy, but the tucking and closing tends to take a bit more time - not with this one! This tent closes just as quick as it sets up, which is huge if you need to travel somewhere in a pinch. The added room to store bedding and the ladder makes this even quicker!

on top of that you get the value of the boot bags & led strip, the ruggedness, the rail mount system, ability to install a roof rack, and the whole thing is relatively light weight! really impressed by this tent and am glad to have installed it on my Jeep. Nice work FSR!

I haven't had a chance o use my power station yet,but it does seem to be well built. And I like the compact size and weight.Also will you be selling solar panels for these units any time soon. Thanks, Jim

Timothy Leto II
55" Annex on 63" Premium

It worked perfect,

Stretcher Pole - Lever Lock

FSR 270 Awning

This is a great product. Built well and designed well. FSR does send you a variety of mounting options, but you will need to buy hardware if you are doing any type of custom mount. Overall, very satisfied.