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Aspen Lite Rooftop Tent
Meeja McAllister
Aspen Lite Sei Edition

Love the look & feel of the high end materials used. The lights on the interior and storage spaces on the interior of such a small light weight tent are ingenious. Will not make my SUV feel top heavy.

Great Tent

The tent is made with high quality materials and the mattress is very comfortable. The only drawback is the air mattress does have to be deflated in order to get it closed and I could not get my pillows to fit even with the air mattress deflated. With that said I am satisfied with my purchase.

This is an amazing tent. We love it and would recommend it to everyone.

The best tent from the best company

We picked up the Evolution V2 short tent late in June in Colorado at FSR. The staff was awesome (Logan, Ben, Ben…). They really are friendly and go the extra mile. It fits perfectly on our Subaru Outback and doesn’t increase gaz consumption more than a Thule box.

All together we travelled more than 12000km with the tent (Utah, Arizona, California, Colorado…all the way back to Montreal). We went through heat waves (120 degrees), tornado warnings, storms… and the tent was totally outstanding with everything Mother Nature threw at us. So stable with big winds and well ventilated when it’s really hot. There’s no way water can go through the 3 fly walls.

Takes less than a minute to open and almost as fast to close. Really, it is an outstanding tent. We consider it a “home run”! We spent 40 nights in our tent during the trip and can’t wait to leave again! Can't wait to try it in our winters!

Aspen Lite Rooftop Tent
Vince Blankenship
Aspen lite

We love our aspen lite so far. Room for my wife and myself. Both 6 foot or taller and our frenchie. Build quality is great. Material quality is great. Comfort is great. Set up and take down is a breeze. The cover is easier to put back on with two people though. If fsr would make a pump to deflate the aircore mattress we would rate it 10 out of 5. Lol great tent!!

Bent a latch. Quick replacement

I bent a latch closing it my rear hatch. FSR sent out replacement and delivered promptly.

Super stable, easy to attach...but there's a catch

I bought 2 sets of crossbars as we have 2 Evolution tents on 2 different trucks. I love how they are easily installed in the t rails. Makes for a super stable platform. They are super well made and look great! My only issue now is with what types of attachments I can use with the rack. I've gone through several kayak racks and none will fit the rectangular bars without significant modifications. Bike racks are the same. Most rack parts...Yakima, Thule, etc...aren't made for rectangular bars of this size...they are either for round bars or aero bars and I'm having a really had time finding anything that works.

Just what the Awning doctor ordered!

Due to my bed rack being a certain type I didn’t know how I was going to be able to mount my awning after I mounted my awesome Evolution V2 tent on. Luckily these guys here at FSR are mind readers and outside the box thinkers cause they came up with these bad boys and even allowed to mount them right to the tent itself! Saved me a lot of hassle trying to figure things out! Absolutely great product and company!! Awning went on like a charm! Would hands down recommend this company as well as all of their products!!!

Very good

This is very comfortable however, it feels more like 40 percent foam and 60 percent air at best. Not 80 percent foam and 20 percent air. All in all though, very happy with it and the shipping is very fast. Thank you.

Great Addition

Although I was told that this mattress was intended to replace the one that came with my Evolution Tent, I used it as a topper and was pleased as punch. Might use it as a replacement in the future, but for now, this old back is likin' it as a topper ... even though it's tough to deflate!

Odyssey/Evolution Awning Bracket

I was looking for brackets that would fit my tent and these were the perfect find. Got them mounted with my awning and it worked perfect.

Camping at Gila mountain

Tent kept us warm in the 50 degrees area with out the need of heater for my wife or 4 year old. 4 star just because at 8x8 is kinda small but great products
Will buy it again for my older boys 9&11


Tent was in brand new condition, as expected, as it was returned simply because they sent an extra to the customer when they ordered one, so the extra was sent back. I haven’t had a chance to camp in it yet, but the construction is top shelf, the ease and simplicity of opening and closing it is great. The hinges are robust, the material feels durable, the mattress is awesome, everything about this RTT looks and feels of high quality. And let’s not leave out their customer service. They are great, friendly, knowledgeable and patient, even when you call 2-3 days in a row then immediately after taking delivery lol.

Love em!

Super easy to install and very stout. Strapped my new FSR hub tent to them!

Quality ladder

Very sturdy ladder, easy to use. Does what it's intended to do very well.

Terry McCullough

I can barefoot the ladder now, which is a big help because I can now leave my shoes at the bottom. These work best for me when the ladder is set up close to vertical because then I am stepping on the flat top surface of each rung. 4 stars because the padding needs to be thicker and mount so the padding is on top of each rung.

Game Changer

I love this mattress. I found the stock mattress to be uncomfortable and was thrilled to find this inflatable to be available for the 49" tent. A fantastic addition to a fantastic tent. I am completely satisfied. It does take a bit of effort to deflate, but it is well worth it. Thanks for the product!

Great mattress

I received this mattress the day before I left on a 7-day camping trip. This thing is awesome! Great job on the design, the comfort level is amazing!

Game Changer!!

This is an absolute MUST for your RTT! Love the simple design and ease of use!! Best sleep I've ever had in an RTT.

The best of both worlds

We normally camp where it can get down in the 20*'s even during summertime. I can enjoy camping again. I woke up the first time without freezing. I had my side all zipped up and my husband had his side window open for him to stay cool. Depending on how cold or hot it was, we varied on how many windows were open or closed to stay toasty or cool. Even when I would wake up to it being cooler, I would close the windows and it would warm up quickly. This was well worth the price to stay comfy while camping.

High Country Series - Annex for 55"/63" Tents
Reggie Poirier
Country Series - Annex for 55"

Great quality and easy set up.

Convenience & Comfort

Very impressed with the build quality of this tent. I had a similar weight white label tent previously and the layout was terrible, the breathability awful, the comfort lacking but most notably the build quality was just really not there. I was looking at buying a GFC Superlite, but they kept selling out at every release within seconds and after missing out twice, I saw the Aspen Lite was coming and the feature set was so much better for not that much more money, but what really impressed me from the get go the customer service from FSR was leaps and bounds beyond what I was receiving at GFC. When the Aspen Lite showed up I was incredibly impressed by the quality, and while I wasn't really expecting much for comfort from such a thin mattress, I was blown away at how comfortable it actually is. This RTT is a home run, and I'll definitely be back for more FSR products that meet my needs as they are released. Thank FSR team!!!

Foundation Series HUB V2
Dayanara Gonzalez
Worth it For Us!

My boyfriend & I recently got the Evolution V2 RTT. After being happy with that investment we decided we would stick with the same company for our camping needs.

We got caught in the rain the first day in our Roof Top Tent and we quickly realized we need a hang out spot for situations like that.

The fact that this is so versatile. I was in! Our spoiled baby (4 year old American Bully) now has his own tent as well.
We have used it twice. Once at the lake on a sandy area and camping. WeLOVE it so far. We did not have anyone sleep in it on our first use simply used as a hang out spot while camping.

My only con is I wish it was bigger! I’m
hoping they come out with a bigger version of this that connects to the Evolution V2 RTT. Until then zero regrets on this investment! This city girl is going camping again this weekend and looking forward to it!

Love It

Super nice build quality and good material used.


Easy setup and tear down! Crested Butte was busy and we were able to post up just about anywhere!!!