Customer Spotlight: John and Nancy

Customer Spotlight: John and Nancy - Freespirit Recreation

At Freespirit, we love to hear from you...our customers! John and Nancy wrote in to share their experience with the new High County 63" Rooftop Tent. This is a new size for us at Freespirit and is quickly becoming a customer favorite, the perfect size between the High County 55" and the High Country 80". The mattress size is a little larger than a queen size mattress.

They also share their experience from being ground campers to overlanders!

From John and Nancy:

We wanted to give a quick update on our great experience with your RTT and annex.

Usually ground-tent campers (we have a high quality, large ground tent that we like a lot), we came to realize that our options were a bit limited. Often we’d encounter uneven or bumpy ground, which made tent site selection difficult.
Good friends had researched various RTT’s extensively and ended up purchasing your High Country 55” Premium. We were also in the market and had done a fair amount of research also. As soon as we saw theirs, we knew it had the features and quality we were looking for!

We ended up getting the High Country Premium, in the new 63” size...and its perfect! The bed measures out to a bit larger than a queen-size, which is big enough to allow us to move around and sleep comfortably, yet the footprint of the tent fits well on our mid-size SUV.

The insulated wall material really works...cold nights are ore tolerable, hot days are not as hot, and the “black out” effect ensures a great rest into the morning. Quality is everywhere, and we have yet to see any other soft-sided tent that is built or designed as well.

We also have your annex room...My wife was the driving force behind getting this, as I just didn’t see the need. Now that we have it, however, I can’t see being without it!

It serves as a space to store our gear out of the elements and out of sight, yet right at the base of our tent. It keeps our duffles and clothes dry and dust-free. It’s a changing station,  a porti-potti room for my wife, and just an all-around smart utilization of  space.

Our RTT, and annex, from Free Spirit have really revolutionized how and where we camp. Thanks for delivering a smart solution, with quality engineering and materials, at a fair price!

See you on the trails...
John and Nancy

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