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At Freespirit Recreation, our goal has always been to reinvent the rooftop tent from the ground up, creating industry-leading designs that Elevate Your Adventure.
Founded in Bend, OR in 2014, Freespirit Recreation (GoFSR, LLC) is known for using high quality material like our tri-layer all season fabric, creating designs that are easy to use, and that allow you quick set-up times.

2019 brought a family owned and operated business structure with Renee Tewes (President), Tanner Tewes (E-Commerce and Marketing), Kristine Sewell (Sales and Marketing, Dealer/OEM), and Ben Tewes (Business and Product Development). Our goal will always be to provide the best products with exceptional customer service as you explore this great planet with us.

Our offices in Bend, OR and Golden, CO are comprised of a team of avid outdoors people always looking for the next adventure whether overlanding, cycling, hunting and fishing, camping with family, skiing, or hiking. We are always imagining, innovating, and creating the very best products for you.


Our team is here to help!
Open: Monday—Friday 9:00AM—5:00PM (PST/MDT).
Phone: 877-510-6444

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Showroom Services

Visit our Denver or Bend showrooms to talk with experts and test the tents!
Pick-ups and installations offered at both locations.

We charge $100 for a rooftop tent installation onto crossbars.
We charge $200 for a rofotop tent installation onto a platform rack.

Denver, Colorado

120 Capital Drive, Golden, CO 80401

Mon - Fri, 9:00am - 6:00pm
Sat - Sun, by appointment

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Bend, Oregon

2543 NE 4th St Suite 110, Bend, OR 97701

Mon - Fri, 9am - 6pm
Sat - Sun, by appointment

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Favorite outdoors movie: Jeremiah Johnson

Go-to camping meal: Charcuterie Board

Favorite camping spot: Anywhere in Oregon!  Preferably near a winery!

FSR vice president


Vice President

Favorite outdoors movie: Homeward Bound

Go-to camping meal: Peanut Butter

Favorite camping spot: Next to Mom


Business Development & New Products

Favorite outdoors movie: A River Runs Through It

Go-to camping meal: Campfire Ribeye

Favorite camping spot: Wherever the stars feel the closest


Sales and Marketing, Dealers/ OEM

Favorite outdoors movie: Jeremiah Johnson

Go-to camping meal: ...anything that pairs well with wine.

Favorite camping spot: Wherever my family is :)


E-Commerce and Marketing

Favorite outdoors movie: Vertical Limit

Go-to camping meal: Fried Walleye, served with rice and Broccoli au gratin

Favorite camping spot: Lake Powell, Arizona

Casey at Freespirit Recreation


Dealer Sales

Favorite outdoors movie: The Great Outdoors

Go-to camping meal: Turkey & Bison veggie scramble

Favorite camping spot: When the pavement ends and being surrounded by Gods beauty.

Logan at Freespirit Recreation


Dealer Sales, Business Development, E-Commerce Sales

Favorite outdoors movie: The Art of Flight

Go-to camping meal: Honey Garlic Salmon

Favorite camping spot: Hidden gem in the Roaring Fork Valley

Party Planning Committee

JOJO at Freespirit Recreation


Inventory Security Manager

Favorite outdoors movie: I am a bit of a lone wolf, I prefer to replay my adventures in my sleep. They could all be movies.

Go-to camping meal: Campfire Popcorn drives me wild. There is one way to my heart boys, if you can't make campfire popcorn, I ain't your girl. 

Favorite camping spot: Well, wherever we end up, I make sure we are safe. I chased a bear once, I watched that movie for days in my sleep. 

Archer at Freespirit Recreation


Chief of Dog Operations

Favorite outdoors movie: If my Dad watches it, I watch it and I understand what is happening.

Go-to camping meal: I eat my Dad's steak when he isn't watching. 

Favorite camping spot: If there is Snow, I am present. I prefer my own tent though. 

SIMBA at Freespirit recreation


Customer Service Greeter

Favorite outdoors movie: Honestly, I sleep 90% of the time, I don't really understand movies but I love my Mom. 

Go-to camping meal: Woof, I prefer dirty socks over most food, campsites are easy targets. I ate 7 socks once. Couldn't find the last matching set.

Favorite camping spot: I camp out on the couch mostly but when I do camp, I sleep in a HC 80 wherever my parents take me.

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