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Shipping Policy

All products are shipped directly to your door for a flat rate. This only applies to customers shipping to the continental United States.

Orders requiring alternative shipping measures may be subject to additional shipping charges. For questions regarding your unique situation, please call 720-370-8882.

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Product should ship within 72 hours from when the order was placed.

Rooftop Tents

Use our Tent-Fitterto get started!

The spacing on your cross bars is dependent on the model and size of tent you have.  See the below chart:

High Country 55”:  32” – 36”

High Country 63”:  36” – 42”

All other tents (approx. 85” long):  42” – 48”

In some cases, especially with the High Country 80” that could hold 4 or more people, it’s recommended to use a 3rd bar for better weight distribution on your vehicles roof.  Always check you vehicles owner’s manual to see what your static weight rating is.

Yes, all Freespirit rooftop tents come with a 7.5' telescoping ladder as pictured.

Here are a few ways our tents are superior condensation eliminators.

First, the base of our tents feature aluminum slates, which allow for extra breathability. Other tents in the industry use aluminum sheeting which actually promotes condensation. 

Second, our tents use a foam flooring called EPE (expanded poly-ethylene) which helps to eliminate condensation that normally forms between your mattresses and tent frame. 

Third, our premium Tri-Layer insulated tent bodies were designed to seamlessly manage moisture away from fabric.

When in doubt, air it out. Deploy your RTT and open the windows to let nature take care of nature.

The Tri-layer technology was designed to perform in year-round extreme conditions.  In hot, dry conditions, the inside of our Tri-layer tents are actually cooler than temperatures directly in the sun.

When it comes to humidity, the most technical fabric in the world is useless if you don’t have good air flow.  All of our tents are designed with oversized doors and windows and both the screens and doors completely open up giving you the airflow needed to keep the tent cool.

Additionally, all of our rainflies are coated with a special silver coating.  This coating repels the sun’s rays and gives you a U/V protection factor of 50+. 

Last, we’ve designed the tents so that the rainfly doesn’t touch the body of the tent.  By leaving a gap in between the body and the fly prevents the heat from the rainfly affecting the body fabric of the tent. 

Yes. The mounting kit is typically located in the front pocket of the tent along with a tool kit and a few other replacement parts. 

The standard mounting kit does not require any tools to put it on. 

We’ve replaced the standard M8 nut with a knob style nut that you can put on and tighten by hand. 

The trailers are classified as a utility trailer but depending on the state you live in there are different rules for plating them.

In Oregon, for example, it is not required but California and Washington do require it. 

When you purchase a trailer from us we send you an MSO which is a manufacturer's certificate that allows you to get it registered at the DMV. 

Typically, you take that along with a copy of your invoice down and the DMV will give you information on next steps.


Yes, we offer military and first responders 10% off their purchase as a thank you for your service!

Please contact us at to receive a unique promo code to use towards your purchase.

This discount cannot be combined with any other offers or promos.

Military: We will need verification of active or veteran status whether a picture of an ID card, email from a military issued email account, or additional documentation of current status. If you would like to black out the DOD ID# or any other PII (personally identifiable information) that is fine as well. Thank you for your service!

First Responders: Please email in a picture of your department issued photo ID with current or veteran status as well. Thank you for your service to your community!

Will-Call Pick ups / Installations:

Yes, we charge a flat rate $125 install fee.

All installs must be scheduled either over the phone or at

Please arrive on time for your install appointment to avoid going over the allocated appointment time of one hour.

Rooftop Tent Care & Maintenance

There are several recommended ways to store your tent, but first be sure the tent is dried out. 

If you have to close your tent wet when you leave camp, always open it up and dry it out immediately upon returning home.  Mold and mildew can form if left for too many days. 

When removing your tent always get another person to assist you.  This will help prevent you from injury and possibly damaging your vehicle.  If you have to remove the tent yourself, a hoist system of some sort is recommended.  There are several kayak hoist systems that would work great for this. 

If you have to take the tent off and store it in your garage, make sure you never set the tent down on the cement which could damage the exterior PVC cover.  Always use a foam pad to set the tent on, and yes, it’s okay to set most models on their side. 

One thing people don’t think of, is wrapping the tent up in a tarp to prevent rodents from damaging the fabric.  The best recommendation is to wrap the tent in stretch wrap to protect the fabric from moisture, dust, and critters.

When your cover is dirty or needs to be cleaned, use mild dish soap with a soft washcloth and clean the cover. Let the cover dry.

The most vulnerable part of a tent are the models with a PVC cover.  The cover is exposed to the elements 10 times more than the rest of the tent. 

A couple times a year, you can also apply a product like this after the cover has been cleaned and is dry to help keep the cover in great shape!

For the body fabric, most of the tents are made from a synthetic fabric so make sure to use a cleaner/waterproof treatment designed for that type of fabric.  We recommend cleaning and treating your tent at least once a year. 

Also, be sure to clean out any of the fabricated components using a soft brush and/or air compressor. 

The extruded aluminum frames can be made to look like new using a mild to medium scotch brite pad.

Yes, you can remove the mattress cover to wash and clean it.

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