Freespirit 2021 Giveaways and Winners Update!

Freespirit 2021 Giveaways and Winners Update! - Freespirit Recreation

If you’ve been following our social media channels these last couple months, you’ll notice we’ve been throwing some exciting giveaways! 

In November to celebrate the launch of the Evolution we decided to give one away. We got so many entries from across the USA and could not believe the response we got. The excitement around the Evolution is so exciting to see!

The lucky winner of the 2020 Evolution was Edward C. from Texas. He received his Evolution is a few days and even sent us a photo. 

"I just received the tent!..My coworkers are truly impressed and a little jealous. Again, thank you and your team very much!" -Edward C.

In March of this year, we launched another giveaway to help a lucky winner get ready to camp this year! We went with the theme of “Pick Your Own Rooftop Tent” because we realized everyone may have a different vehicle, different needs, and different number of people staying in the rooftop tent so it would be easier for the winner to pick their own rooftop tent to enjoy this year.



Our giveaway gave contestants a month to enter and once again we were shocked by how many people were thrilled to enter for a chance to win. This giveaway, we included both the USA and Canada!



The winner of the March "Pick Your Tent Giveaway" was Nathan S. from Seattle. He picked the Evolution and is excited to get it installed soon!

Thank you to everyone who participated in both of our giveaways so far this year! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, plus subscribe to our email list so you can be the first to know when we launch our next giveaway!

If you have questions about which rooftop tent, trailers, or other Freespirit products will best Elevate Your Adventure, please email us at


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