Rooftop Tent Car Series: Best Truck Rooftop Tents

When it comes to finding the right rooftop tent for your truck, it all comes down to your rack situation, the size of your truck bed, and your aesthetic preferences. 

For the rack you have a few options, within the truck bed, a rack that goes above the cab, or a rack that goes on the cab. All options require different tent sizes – but luckily we have tents that work for it all.

Below we put together a list of our best recommendations for trucks. If you would like to learn more about what fits your truck, give us a call.

High Country Series Rooftop Tent

Depending on your truck bed length, the High Country Series Rooftop Tent fits perfectly within the truck bed if you have a rack set up that doesn’t go over the cab.

For those with a shorter length bed, the High Country 55” fits perfectly within [blank] foot beds. If you have a longer bed you can fit the High Country 63” or the High Country 80”

If you would like to put a tent directly on top of your truck cab the size of the tent depends on if you have an access cab or a passenger door. A High Country 55” can fit well on most truck cabs, but we recommend giving us a call to discuss logistics. 

Evolution Rooftop Tent

The Evolution works great for trucks with an above cab rack. Both the 49” and the 55” come in at 80” long. That makes them just a bit too long to sit within 6ft truck beds. 

Depending on your style preferences, you may not mind the little bit of hangover. The Evolution will hang off the end of your truck's bed about 3-4 inches if set below the cab.

The Evolution is our bestseller because of its simple setup. Four gas struts, two on the back and two on the front allow the Evo to open quickly and with ease. Folding down to about 9 inches allows you to store your bedding inside while having some aerodynamics.

Aspen Rooftop Tent

The Aspen has a similar shape to the Evolution – so it also works great for trucks with an above cab rack. The Aspen comes in sizes 49” or 55” and is about 80” long so it can fit perfectly above the cab on 6ft truck beds.

The Aspen is a new edition to our hardshell line up. We've taken all the features you'd find in a great hard clamshell, gas struts for easy opening, multiple entry points, 7 inches when folded for aerodynamics, but we've made it better.

The Aspen is great for truck beds because of the multiple entry points. You can use your truck tailgate instead of a ladder to enter from the end of the tent. You can also attach the ladder to the side if you prefer to enter that way.

Odyssey Series Rooftop Tent

The Odyssey is another one of our hardshell rooftop tents. Same shape as the Aspen, so it’s also 80” inches long. This tent is best for above cab racks or those with a long truck bed.

The Odyssey folds down to just 7 inches, making it extremely aerodynamic. Two gas struts allow it to pop up with ease and our signature tri-layer fabrics adds additional comfort.

Choosing which hard shell rooftop tent is right for your truck comes down to personal preference. All of our hard shell tents come in sizes 49” and 55” so comparing sleeping isn’t too much of a challenge.

Picking which tent is right for you is about how you want it to open, if you want to stow sleeping gear inside, and if aerodynamics is super important to you. Take our tent-fitter quiz to help narrow down your choices.

Load Up Your Truck and Get Camping

Finding the right rooftop tent for your truck can be simple. Understanding what fits is the first step but figuring out what’s right for you comes down to what you need – or want!

Looking to fit a few kids or dogs? Want additional storage on top? Check out all of our tents and see what works best for you.

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