Best Unique Gifts For Outdoorsy Dads

Best Unique Gifts For Outdoorsy Dads - Freespirit Recreation
It’s that time of the year to celebrate the guy you can always count on, Dad (or the father of your kids)!

We’ve put together a gift list for the outdoor loving dads. If your dad is the kind of guy who loves to spend all summer at a campground, on a hike, or in the backcountry — then we have the perfect list for you.

Camping Gear Gifts

FSR Kitchen Systems

For the grill-master dad that always likes to be prepared, our new kitchen systems are a must-have. Help your dad stay organized, prep his food the right way, and whether he's a beer drinker or a whiskey drinker - we've got stainless steel 16oz camp cups and double-walled whiskey cups to keep him hydrated. 

Freespirit Recreation 270 Awning

Take your dads awning to the next level with the Freespirit Recreation 270 Awning. Nothing is worse than no shade at camp, or worse – rain. Awnings are the perfect solution for some shelter while still being able to be out in nature.

The 270 Awning takes vehicle awning to the next level. True to the Freespirit style, the 270 Awning sets up in less than 60 seconds — no support poles needed. The awning unzips out of its waterproof bag and swings a full 270 degrees around your vehicle and attaches simply with a hook. 
Plus – an exciting new addition to the Freespirit line up is the 270 Annex Room. You can now turn your 270 awning into a fully enclosed chamber. Large windows throughout the annex allow for a breezy view while keeping bugs out.

Plus – we've got some solid hats dad may want to walk around in to keep his beak shaded if he forgets the sunscreen. 

ReadyLight + ReadyLight Camp Lantern

Give your dad the gift of light this Father’s Day! No longer let the camping night end when the sun goes down. The ReadyLight allows for endless hours of light – and fun!

It's a flashlight, floodlight, strobe light all built into one powerfully versatile and portable light — delivering up to 30 hours of light on a full charge. The ReadyLight and ReadyLight Camp Lantern are the ultimate camping essential. 

The ReadyLight comes with telescoping legs making setting up this light in tough terrain simple. The main light comes with 4 light pods attached, AC/DC and solar charging. Plus — the ReadyLight can charge devices.

The ReadyLight Camp Lantern is a more compact version of the ReadyLight. The all-in-1 dimmable lantern comes with a light pod, bluetooth speaker, amber light pod feature and it can charge devices.

See a review video for the ReadyLight >

Experience Gifts

Adventure Lessons

Take this Father’s Day to the next step with a more daring gift. If your Dad isn’t afraid of an adventure – or heights, purchase him a bold gift like rock climbing lessons or even flying lessons. If water sports are more up his alley, try a unique gift like windsurfing lessons.

For the dad’s who are a bit more crafty, try something unique like a class on bow making. Adventure Out hosts a class that allows you to build your own bow in a three day workshop. If three days is a little long, they also offer an express class.

Outdoor Licenses or Permits

If your dad already has a hobby that he’s passionate about, a gift that makes that hobby more doable is the perfect solution. For the dad that is big into hunting or fishing, do him a favor and purchase him his hunting license for the season. 

For the dad who loves fishing, consider booking a campsite right near excellent fishing. Fish Farm Camp allows you to book a campsite right on their 60 acre lake. They raise freshwater prawn and bluegill in the summertime, so late September they have fresh shrimp available

If he’s looking for a new hobby, a fun gift could be something new like Falconry. Falconry requires a license, just like a lot of other outdoor sports. A great gift would be taking care of that license for him.

Educational Camping Trips

Do you always find your dad watching History Channel or some kind of educational documentary? A fun gift could be a camping trip with an educational twist.

Lake Fork Earth and Sky Center offers just that! The campground is also known as the Slumgullion Earth & Sky Discovery Center and iis located on a conservation easement that sits right on the toe of the unique Slumgullion Earthflow. This aspen and spruce tent camping site is protected because of its unique geologic and ecologic features.

For a glamping educational trip, consider booking this campsite just outside of Zion National Park. The campsite features a large telescope that’s pointed up at the huge Utah sky for stargazing at night. Give him an astronomy book so he can learn and he gazes at the stars.

Brewery and Distillery Camping

For a really unique experience gift, book a campsite at a brewery or distillery. There are breweries and distilleries all over the US that allow you to book a campsite.

Ten Sleep Brewery in Wyoming allows you to book a campsite right on their sprawling property with views of the Big Horn Mountains. With live music on the weekends and tons of amenities, this is sure a camping trip he will never forget.

A few other great breweries for camping in Tipping T in Texas and Beer Naked Brewery in Vermont. Both have food options right at the brewery and offer live music on the weekends. The options for a good time are endless!

Treat Your Outdoorsy Dad This Father’s Day

The best way to show your dad what he means to you is through a unique outdoorsy gift you will cherish. 

With summer in full swing, now is the perfect time to elevate your dad’s camping experience with some gear from Freespirit.

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