EVO V2: Why Did We Make A Short Option?

EVO V2: Why Did We Make A Short Option?

From the very outset, we have been committed to innovation derived from customer feedback. Thus, “The Evolution Series” is the stamp that keeps us on a continuous path to evolve as a company, creators, people and Free Spirits. An integral part of this evolution was utilizing all the meaningful feedback we received from customers on the EVO V1, to create the ultimate experience with EVO V2.

The EVO V2 Long (V2L) maintains the favored exterior dimensions of our other hard shell RTT’s, but delivers distinguishable exterior and interior upgrades our customers asked for. Want to know more about what these upgrades are? Check them out now.

So why did we make a short option?

The length difference between the Short and Long is 9 inches. While that may not seem like much on paper, it was thoughtfully designed to accommodate a variety of vehicles and preferences by our customers. 

The V2 Short (V2S) was created with the general population in mind: People under 6’1” and their trucks, smaller SUV’s, 4runners, and more. 

On an SUV/non-truck car: The V2S allows you to mount the tent a bit further back, creating room for storage on the roof or the ability to use features such as a sunroof! 

“Think Jeep Wranglers, smaller SUVs, 4runners, Subaru Foresters–we made this tent to accommodate those shorter roof lines with no obstruction to the hatchback.” - Ben Tewes, Director of Product Development 

On a truck: 

“The EVO is truly a truck bed tent—from small size trucks to super duty, it provides a variety of benefits. The V2S fits like a glove on a 6’6 bed (long bed) below cab height. On a 5’ short bed, it will be mounted above cab height, but won’t have as much hang over as a longer tent, allowing more room for storage on the cab.” - Ben Tewes

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