Healthy Campers Series: Introduction


At Freespirit we have a set of core values that we maintain in our products and the way we do business. We also have values in the way we live our lives. Some of these are:

Various perspectives


Authentic people

And perhaps most of all, the truth

 And the truth is, life is a lot like the clips of a camping trip no one really posts—messy, raw and unedited. There are moments you run out of gas or you just need to stop, though it may seem everyone else around you can easily keep going.

We want to explore those moments in life, and post about them—raw and unedited.

Welcome, Freespirits, to the first in our Healthy Campers series.

“Healthy” is defined differently by everyone and we plan to investigate a variety of those definitions. Throughout this series, we will be highlighting different individuals, their stories, and studies we find exceptionally interesting and believe will benefit our community.

This project is deeply important to us because we have witnessed and experienced numerous situations in which our main purpose for being in business—getting you outside—has significantly elevated overall health and wellbeing.

In sharing these stories, we hope it inspires others that they, too, can keep going…

with a tent on their roof, somewhere in nature.


Up next:

Claudia Verduzco recounts her experience with postpartum depression and what impact roadtripping, camping and a special sidekick named Kahlo had on her journey.

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