Explore Death Valley with Rogue Element

Explore Death Valley with Rogue Element - Freespirit Recreation

The Rogue Element crew have been trekking unique terrains for a few years now, this time they took on Death Valley. Jeff, from Sycan Media and Rogue Element, said the goal of this trip was to come together for adventure amidst the chaos.

"A group of overlanders from across the country meet in Death Valley National Park to escape the monotonous climate of the current pandemic and engage in different culture, adventure and camaraderie while sharing personal stories of their journey and struggles."

They weren’t alone for this trek, they brought out a whole production crew to showcase the trip for an upcoming Amazon Prime documentary.

As you can imagine, we are stoked that the crew brought some of our roof top tents, the HUB tent and a few ReadyLights along for the journey. 

Gene, @dffrent_allroad on Instagram, outfitted his Audi Allroad with an Evolution 49” and his buddy Nate outfitted his Volkswagen Tiguan with an Evolution as well. 

Jeff has a High Country 63” on his 2021 Power Wagon and here’s what he had to say about how it held up in Death Valley, “Death Valley is a formidable landscape with unforgiving terrain. The ability to sleep up off the ground is the way to go if you want comfort. There are not a lot of places for a decent sleep on the ground with the amount of rocks and uneven surfaces...this isn't the forest.”

Christian, @bear.wagon, also drives a 2018 Power Wagon and he upgraded his rig with an Evolution.

They made their way to Death Valley for miles of off-road trails through the dry desert landscape. They of course made sure to film every step of the way.

The trip went well despite some setbacks, “Death Valley trip was a huge success. Our 2018 Power Wagon did go down with a blown transmission but we were still able to complete the trip and crest what we think will be an absolutely amazing documentary for Amazon.”

The crew also put our new HUB tent to use, “The Hub worked awesome and gave us a basecamp out of the crazy winds and dust as well as keep us warm. That thing is a beast and we love it!”

The Amazon Prime documentary is set to release this Summer, in the meantime you can follow along on the Rogue Element Youtube channel to see weekly content. 

Catch the latest release here

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