Valentine's Day Can Be Perfect...Outdoors!

Valentine's Day Can Be Perfect...Outdoors! - Freespirit Recreation

Valentine's Day this year (like everything) looks a little bit different. Restaurants may be closed in some areas but that doesn't mean that you can't have a fun day to celebrate with someone you the great outdoors!

Make memories while enjoying each other's company without the noise and distractions of everyday life. At Freespirit Recreation, our team knows a thing or two about making memories and experiencing adventure outdoors with our loved ones. Our very own, Casey proposed to his fiancee, Elizabeth in a helicopter high above Mt. Bachelor. As a couple, they love to camp, overland, and experience the beautiful outdoor spots that Oregon has to offer....together.

Casey and Elizabeth met while sharing a chair lift at Mt. Bachelor and when Elizabeth saw him in an ad for Freespirit Recreation, she knew she had to give him a call! These two spend A LOT of time outdoors together so they share their tips for a perfect outdoors Valentine's Day and how to enjoy time together when camping and overlanding every other day of the year.

1. Find a Great Camping Spot!

The pressure to find the perfect camping spot can sometimes make a trip complicated. Don't stress about finding the perfect spot, find a camping spot and remember that it's the time together that counts, not the perfect location. You can just pull up to a spot in any National Forest, State or County Park, a local lake, or whatever is closest and most convenient to you. If pressed for time, you could even just go out to a spot for a few hours just to get away from it all and not stay overnight.

If you have an off-roading vehicle, have an adventure together and take a forest service road deeper into the woods to find the perfect spot. There are tons of amazing spots around Bend, OR! Casey and Elizabeth recommend heading over to Summer Lake to enjoy the hot springs.

2. Bring Provisions 

Just because you are camping doesn't mean you can't have your favorite foods or an amazing meal together! Pack ingredients to cook a hot meal, bring favorite snacks, desserts, and some adult beverages. Make it a four course meal if you want and celebrate with a Valentine's Day dinner that you both will remember. Elizabeth loves her "Momosas" so Casey doesn't forget to pack the champagne and orange juice for her. Remembering to bring what your significant other likes is a gift in and of itself, it makes them feel important to you!

3. Remember to Unplug From Everyday Life

Remove the distractions, put away the cell phone (you might not have service anyway), and spend time together! The great outdoors is the perfect place to hike, explore, and relax together away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Enjoy and embrace the quiet!

Cheers to you this Valentine's Day! We hope that you can get outdoors with those you love and explore while making memories!


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