Why Buy A Freespirit Recreation Rooftop Tent?

Why Buy A Freespirit Recreation Rooftop Tent? - Freespirit Recreation


By: Emily Davis and Kristine Sewell

At Freespirit Recreation our goal has always been to reinvent the rooftop tent from (literally) the ground up. We strive to create innovative designs and use high quality materials that are unlike anything else on the market. Founded in Bend, OR in 2014, the mission of our team has always been to get people outside to explore the world around them, whether they are deep in the back country, camping on the beach or mountains, or camping with family and friends at a local state park.

So, why buy a Freespirit Recreation Rooftop Tent?

1. Easiest and Fastest Set-Up on The Market

Have you ever arrived at your campsite late on a Friday night after a drive and after leaving work? You just want to crawl in your tent and get some shut eye before starting the weekend. We have been there too! That is why we are dedicated to making the fastest and easiest set-up process on the market today. We want you to spend more time camping and enjoying nature and less time setting-up and tearing down camp.

With gas strut assist or fold out designs, all of the Freespirit Recreation rooftop tents can set up in seconds.



2. Our Signature Tri-Layer Fabric

We wanted to create a fabric that could be used in all season types and with all your needs in mind. All of our rooftop tents, all come with tri-layer fabric that keeps you warm in cold winter temperatures but cool in the hottest climates. The tri-layer fabric has quickly become the most desired fabric for our customers. This means less bundling up when camping and a way more comfortable night's sleep, no matter the weather!


3. Replacement Parts for Your Tent

If you buy a tent from us, we have the parts to replace anything that may break due to normal (or abnormal) wear and tear. So needless to say, this is that last tent you'll ever need to buy. Due to the exclusivity with our manufacturer, access to the parts and pieces needed to replace anything from hinges to the tent skin are available to you.

4. We Are a Dedicated Team That’s Family Owned & Operated

Majority of the team at Freespirit has been with the company from the beginning. We know the products inside and out and our goal is always to provide an exceptionally high level of customer service. Our company has grown over the years but we want you to feel like you are on a first name basis with us. We appreciate that you are spending your hard earned money with us and we want to make sure that all of your questions are answered. We are focused on making meaningful and helpful content too, whether that's our guide for camping with kids or tips and tricks with the ReadyLight.

Our team lives the Freespirit Recreation brand everyday whether camping throughout Oregon or the Midwest on the weekends, hiking, fly fishing, or even taking a snooze in one of our rooftop tents at our kids weekend long soccer tournaments. We are always looking for ways to make our tents and other products easier to use while also working on the next innovative and life changing products. We are always here to answer questions or help with products so please reach out to us,

Please reach out to if you have any questions or pick up one of our products at and join the #GoFSR family.

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Tom Matheson

Tom Matheson

I’m very interested in your tents and am particularly interested in your tri-layer fabric. Would it be possible for you to send me a sample of the fabric? I live in Alaska so it’s pretty hard for me to come down to see for myself. Is this fabric waterproof or does it require a rain fly?
Thank you,
Tom Matheson
PO Box 35842
Juneau, Alaska 99803

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