Must-Have Camping Gear for 2022

Must-Have Camping Gear for 2022 - Freespirit Recreation

Camping isn’t like it used to be. Long gone are the days of roughing it while out in the woods. You can now head into the backcountry with gear that makes the whole trip a bit more manageable.

Compact, lightweight, and innovative camping products have changed how we think about camping. Each year new gear comes out that changes the way we eat, sleep, and play while camping. 

2022 has brought yet another innovative year for gear. We’ve put together a list of all of our favorite gear to make this camp season the best one yet. From the perfect camping lantern to a durable pop-up tent, we’ve got you covered.

ReadyLight + ReadyLight Camp Lantern

Typically when the sun goes down at a campsite, the evening comes to an end but not anymore. The ReadyLight is here to shine a light on your campfire talks, poker playing, s’more cooking, and whatever else the night has to offer.

It's a flashlight, floodlight, strobe light all built into one powerfully versatile and portable light — delivering up to 30 hours of light on a full charge. The ReadyLight and ReadyLight Camp Lantern are the ultimate camping essential. 

The ReadyLight comes with telescoping legs making setting up this light in tough terrain simple. The main light comes with 4 light pods attached, AC/DC and solar charging. Plus — the ReadyLight can charge devices.

The ReadyLight Camp Lantern is a more compact version of the ReadyLight. The all-in-1 dimmable lantern comes with a light pod, bluetooth speaker, amber light pod feature and it can charge devices.

See a review video for the ReadyLight >

Freespirit Portable Power Station

How much power do you really need when you’re camping? That all depends on how remote your campsite is and how long you will be traveling. If you’re switching from a traditional cooler to an electric cooler or plan on bringing multiple devices, we have a perfect solution for charging them.  

Our Freespirit Portable Power Pack comes in two sizes 260W and 500W. Both come equipped with high quality lithium ion batteries with fast charging capabilities. Powerful enough to charge laptops, smart phones, tablets and other devices multiple times.

Plus – the portable power stations can be charged with an AC wall charger, DC car charger and with solar panels. Never run out of power on the trail again.

270 Awning

Nothing is worse than arriving at a campsite with absolutely no shade. No one wants to hang out in direct sunlight or worse – rain. Our 270 Awning is here to provide you with a relaxation station while camping.

True to the Freespirit style, the 270 Awning sets up in less than 60 seconds — no support poles needed. The awning unzips out of its waterproof bag and swings a full 270 degrees around your vehicle and attaches simply with a hook. 

Plus – an exciting new addition to the Freespirit line up is the 270 Annex Room. You can now turn your 270 awning into a fully enclosed chamber. Large windows throughout the annex allow for a breezy view while keeping bugs out. 

If you have an Evolution or Odyssey roof top tent, consider adding on our awning brackets. The brackets are designed to attach the awning(or other gear) right to the tent on the side channels. 

The 270 Awning is a fan favorite. See why so many customers love it >

HUB Tent

Showing up to camp in the dark or in in-climate weather can dampen a whole trip. Especially if you have to set up a ground tent. Locating all the poles, attempting to configure the poles correctly, and setting up the tent can be time consuming or frustrating. The days of basic ground tents are over.

The HUB Tent is the ultimate ground tent. Comes in two sizes, 4 sided and 6 sided and is pre-assembled. The HUB easily pops-up with simple pull tabs. The floor is removable in both sizes, making its use customizable.

Incredibly sturdy when set-up, both HUB tents can withstand heavy winds, rain, and snow. The HUB makes the perfect overlanding ground tent due to its durable design and large indoor capacity. The inside standing height on both tents is 80+ inches. 

The 4 HUB floor size is roughly 96” x 96” – making it large enough to sleep about 4 people comfortably. The 6 HUB is 65” x 165”, large enough to sleep up to 6 people and even a couple dogs. 

See the HUB tent in action >

Freespirit Recreation Roof Top Tent

A rooftop tent is the perfect ground tent upgrade this year. Whether you're a casual camper or identify as an overlander, we have a roof top tent that’s perfect for everybody.

When it comes to our roof top tents we have many options but, it begins with do you want a hardshell tent or a soft shell tent? To understand which style is right for you, it’s best to understand their differences.

Our hardshell tents include our elite pop-up, The Evolution and the thinnest clamshell on the market, The Odyssey. Both our hardshells come equipped with versatile mounting channels to fit any overlanding gear.

Our soft cover tents, High Country Series, immerse you in nature. With 360 degree extra large windows, our fold-out tents give you an experience unlike any other on the market. Extra large mattresses allow for extra comfort but stow away simply for ease.

All of our roof top tents were designed with comfort in mind. The days of long camp set up are over, when arriving at camp you can have your tent set up in less than a minute. No more searching for a flat spot to place your ground tent, wherever there’s a flat space to park, you have a flat space to sleep. 

Plus – all of our roof top tents can fit on any and all vehicles. Are you unsure which roof top tent is right for you? Take our Tent-Fitter Quiz to see which roof top tent will fit your set up best.

Shop all of our roof top tents >

Ready to get camping this season?

Getting out and camping doesn’t require a bunch of gear, but it sure does help having a comfy place to sleep at night. The goal with a lot of high tech camping gear isn’t to be the coolest  camper at the campsite — it’s to stay out longer and camp easier.

At Freespirit, we are huge fans of innovative yet comfortable camp gear, in fact we keep that in mind every time we design new products. Our goal is for campers to be able to get out and enjoy their time in nature with ease.

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