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The ReadyLight Camp Lantern

Specifically designed to be a compact and versatile camp light, this lantern is your ultimate companion for all your outdoor adventures.

Boasting a potent 400 lumens LED light source, the Camp Lantern offers adjustable brightness, ranging from a soothing 25 lumens for ambiance to a powerful 400 lumens for maximum visibility. With a remarkable 8 hours of continuous illumination, you can trust this lantern to light up your campsite throughout the night.

What sets the ReadyLight Camp Lantern apart is its ingenious versatility. The lantern features two detachable Light Pods and a built-in Bluetooth speaker, allowing you to spread both light and sound across your campsite, creating the perfect atmosphere for your outdoor gatherings. Additionally, each individual Light Pod can switch to a mosquito repellant mode (in yellow), ensuring a bug-free experience when needed.

For added convenience, the Camp Lantern includes a USB charging station, so you can keep your mobile devices powered up even in the great outdoors. Please note that this camp lantern doesn't rely on solar charging but comes complete with a USB cord for recharging.

Don't miss out on enhancing your next camping adventure with the ReadyLight Camp Lantern, your all-in-one solution for lighting, entertainment, and convenience in the wilderness. Get yours today!

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ReadyLight - Camp Lantern - Freespirit Recreation

ReadyLight - Camp Lantern

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Customer Reviews

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Christopher Paul
Nice light! Matches all my other Freespirit lights but…

So first off… I own two Gen2 Readylights. I am a full time RVer and love there heavy duty lights. So I expected nothing less when it came to this lantern. It’s a nice light with two extra pod lights and a blue tooth speaker. So when I’m eating dinner on the picnic tables I can listen to whatever is on my phone from the lantern. My only gripe is the power button is a bit sensitive. It’s turned on in my rv compartment after being knocked over so now I have to store it in its side or against something so it doesn’t slide or tip over. Hopefully on the next version they will make the button a two press turn on or maybe even provide a case to keep it from turning on. Otherwise… I love this company and their products. Not to mention their customer service is TOP NOTCH!

Robert Cooper
Camping Lantern

Great lantern! The lantern is a versatile addition to our kit, and works well. We use it in conjunction with our Ready Light, 1st generation. I wish it would have come with a heavy duty storage bag, to protect it from other gear, and the on/off switch is very sensitive. It doesn’t take much to press and turn on, this is a potential problem when packed with other gear. You do have to make a conscious effort to ensure the exposed switch is not near gear that can shift, and activate the light.
The speaker is cool, but I prefer the sounds of nature. I can listen to music any time, but, nice feature. Let me know if your going to produce a heavy duty storage bag for this lantern. All in all, a good useful purchase for camping and emergencies...


My only complaint is the bulb that decided to use, it is an incredibly diffused fluorescent light that does not vibe well for dark night Time activities. And because of how diffused the light is and the spectrum of color it doesn't go very far in the darkness at all. Light casts maybe 15 ft in all directions, mostly upwards, which makes using the lantern best for the most part when it's on the ground. If there was a way to hang it upside down that would be much better addition than the top handle. The removable pods and speaker are great and work flawlessly. And the battery on the entire lantern is large enough to work for a couple days out camping recharging your pods.

Pros: handy, compact, versatile, durable, long battery life.
Cons: needs a warmer buld, and more focused light. Could use a refracting lens in the top to focus light down, and an amber option, like the pods offer. Also it turns it's self on sitting in the back of your car the main knob is the ON button.


Perfect for any occasion. Will buy one more.


All around good piece of lighting for the camp kit…. Plus plays music