Aircore Rooftop Tent Self-Inflating Air Mattress


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Introducing the Freespirit Recreation Self Inflating Air Mattress, your ideal solution for rooftop tent sleeping comfort. This rooftop tent air mattress, an innovative product in outdoor comfort, provides unparalleled adaptability for all hardshell rooftop tent models.

The unique blend of 80% memory foam and 20% air allows you to customize your sleeping experience. Control the comfort level of this self inflating air mattress by adjusting the inflation or deflation to reach the perfect firmness or softness you prefer.

Upgrade from your old mattress to the superior Air Core Self Inflating Air Mattress. This advanced outdoor sleeping solution is compatible with our standard and XL hardshell rooftop tents.

We're also excited to announce that the Freespirit Recreation Air Core Self-Inflating Air Mattresses now come as a standard feature with our Evolution V2, Aspen V2, Odyssey V2 and Aspen Lite tents.

Enhance your outdoor adventures with the comfort and convenience of our rooftop tent self inflating air mattresses.

XL mattress: 78" x 52" x 3" thick, 12lbs, 200cm x 132cm x 7.5cm

Standard mattress: 78" x 45" x 3" thick, 10lbs, 200cm x 115cm x 7.5cm

Freespirit Approved Air Pump- Click Here


Aircore Rooftop Tent Self-Inflating Air Mattress
Self-inflating Air Core Mattress for Rooftop Tent
Aircore Rooftop Tent Self-Inflating Air Mattress
Aircore Rooftop Tent Self-Inflating Air Mattress
Aircore Rooftop Tent Self-Inflating Air Mattress
Aircore Rooftop Tent Self-Inflating Air Mattress

Customer Reviews

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Brandon New
Works perfect in our mamba 3 by ovs

Works great but definitely get the pump it's a game changer

Jonas Sublett
Self inflating? Not so much, but still awesome!!

First Off…. A must have for Odyssey owners! Get rid of that memory foam mattress! This new aircore mattress took me 3 minutes to blow up with my mouth and and O M G! Game changer! Love it and it just made my experience greater now!! And the baffles in the blow up ports are great. No loss of air when you are blowing it up…AND NO return of air when you are deflating!!

Jeremy Fears
Good mattress for the price-point

Added this to my tent, and it made a world of difference. Compared to all the other hybrid sleep mats out there, this one is the clear winner for the price it's at. I'm a big guy and a side sleeper so I had to add another 1.5" foam on top of this for a little extra cushion, but if you're not 6'4" 245lbs like me, you'll probably be fine with just this air mattress. Easy to set up (self inflates), and easy to deflate and roll back up.


This mattress is perfect for this tent, all I have to do is open the vents when I close it and close them a minute after I opened the tent. I can even adjust the softness by closing the vents before the mattress is fully inflated. I have the extra thick mattress under it and a heating cover over it, no problem.

DeeAnn Karageorges
Very Comfortable

Followed the directions, overinflated, and left it for a few days. Super comfortable, haven't tried as our only rooftop mattress yet, but it is perfect over the 2" mattress that came with the tent!